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Peace and culture and Social Justice (PCSJ)

The overall objective of the program is to contribute to achieving sustainable peace, security and stability for the attainment of economic integration and social justice achievement to vulnerable groups of the GLR for enhanced regional cooperation and coordination. Peace and social justice will then prevent and address transnational security threats, strengthened regional organization for peace and security interventions and programmes in the region, with special attention to women and youth. The Peace and social justice programs seek to address the problems in the subregion by providing meaningful tools to nonviolently engage in conflict and oppression, and share about the power of nonviolence, educational work including workshops, discussion groups, films, and other presentations


  • Information, knowledge management, R& D advisory services

The overall purpose of R&D activities of GLCPD is to broaden the knowledge-base on peace and reconciliation, economic empowerment through natural resources and environmental findings leading to enhanced environment management and sustainable development of the regions – in its economic, social, and ecological aspects. This will be done by creating a platform for information and knowledge sharing between research community and policy-decision makers to discuss the major environmental and developmental issues the states are facing from time to time through workshops and seminars on specific topics of relevance from time to time for different. GLCPD provides advisory services in wide array of areas from peace, social development, health, environment, food and nutrition security, biodiversity, forestry and agriculture to communities in the GLR. The overall objective of the program is to contribute to achieving sustainable peace, security and stability


  • Sport and reconciliation

We recognize the important role that sport and entertainment activities can play in unity and reconciliation of the Kivu communities. We organize inter-community games and concerts with themes to promote peace, human rights and cohabitation


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