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Congratulations on the successful implementation of your project in Minembwe, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)! Your project focuses on empowering women, including widows, through education in tailoring, with the goal of nurturing their entrepreneurial capabilities in the textile and garment sector. Let's highlight the positive aspects of your project:

  • Empowering Women and Widows

By supporting the current cohort of women, including widows, in studying tailoring, your organization is empowering these individuals who may have faced unique challenges and barriers in their lives. Education and skill development can significantly enhance their economic prospects and overall well-being.

  • Tailoring Education

The project's emphasis on providing tailoring education is both practical and relevant. Tailoring is a valuable skill that has the potential to create income-generating opportunities and promote self-employment among the beneficiaries.

  • Economic empowerment of teen mothers

Teen mothers in our target areas face challenges linked to the situation of giving birth at early age as well as extreme poverty in their households. At ADJ-CONGO, we do employ an ultra-poor graduation model to boost households’ economic empowerment. The approach is a way of exploring how social protection, livelihood promotion and access to finance can be sequenced to provide a pathway out of extreme poverty for vulnerable teen mothers. Our interventions in this regard include provision of assets or cash transfers to teen mothers who have shown a business ideas. We also provide change through linkages to formal employment services, technical and business skills training, and access to markets.

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